Mission in Siberia

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Author : Elisabeth Rivoire

  • Publication date 30/01/2020
  • Publisher Oskar Collection
  • Roman Format

When Lapérouse prepared his expedition to circumnavigate the world, he took on board the young Barthélemy de Lesseps. Arriving in Siberia, the latter’s mission was to bring back a trunk containing the maps, letters, sketches collected during his journey to Louis XVI in Versailles, almost 12,000 kilometers from Kamchatka!

Barthélemy will have to fight against the most incredible dangers in this Siberian cold. It will take him more than a year to meet this challenge, of which he records every step, every encounter, every emotion in his logbook. The true story of Barthélemy de Lesseps, the only survivor of the Lapérouse expedition.

Author :

Elisabeth Rivoire is a French teacher at Marie-de-la-Tour d’Auvergne College in Thouars. She has taught French and led writing workshops in France, Polynesia and Africa.

Traveling on all continents, she shared anecdotes that gradually came to life on paper. Her African experience gave birth to “Enfant Cajou” (2018) published by Henry.

His travels in Oceania led him to meet the figure of Jean-Baptiste Barthélemy de Lesseps (1766-1834) who inspired “Mission en Sibérie” (2020).

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