Lapérouse on the radio !

Interview of the President of ALAF on July 07, 2022, on Lapérouse, the Association & the Museum

Jean Marie Pestel, president of ALAF had the honors of Radio Albigés, the tarn in the headphones!!!

0:00 The entrance to the museum with its cannon and rusty gate
0:36 Like any self-respecting star, Jean Marie arrived a few minutes late. Fortunately Armelle welcomed the journalist and quickly introduced him to the museum.
01:41 The choice of Louis XVI, to lead the expedition: Jean François de Galaup, Count of Lapérouse the man of the situation
02:55 Presentation of the association by Jean Marie Pestel and birth of the museum thanks to Doctor Amalric
03:35 International activities of the ALAF, in particular at the Straits of Lapérouse
04:51 Biography of Jean marie Pestel de Lapérouse, descendant by the last sister of Lapérouse and president of ALAF
05:55 The museum traces the life of Lapérouse and his journey
06:52 Jean Marie Pestel's awareness of his ancestor and his dive into his history and humanistic values
08:00 Lapérouse's humanistic values loved by his men and respected, even by his enemies (the English)
09:35 Mowée and the respect of the citizens who live there and the non possession of the visited territories
10:55 The name "Lapérouse" and its origins
12:55 What does the name Lapérouse represent for the Albigensians?
13:15 The aura of Lapérouse abroad
13:30 School visits to the museum, and measuring instruments
14:35 His long wait, his fidelity and his marriage with Eleonore Broudou
15:28 Louis XVI as a travel sponsor
16:48 The Laperouse Alaska Association and the respect of the natives
17:17 The paintings of the museum and the famous painting of Louis XVI giving his instructions for the trip
18:33 Was Laperouse aware of making history?
19:52 Laperouse and La Fayette
20:52 The association Lapérouse Albi France and its members historians and enthusiasts, and its relationship with the museum of the navy of Brest
21:35 Our conferences in France and in Alsaka
21:48 The Hawaiian stele and its renovation with the LIN (Lapérouse International Network)
23:05 The French port and the northwest passage
24:15 Lapérouse then decides to entrust his documents: journals, maps, notes ... to Barthélémy de Lesseps with the mission to bring them to Versailles, 16 000 km away.
25:21 Summary of the rest of the expedition
26:26 Musical interlude and thanks

You can listen to the whole program:

You can also go on the site of Radio Albigés, le tarn dans les écouteurs !!!

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