How to join us online ?

Joining online

The ALAF website, allows everyone to join online. Online membership is accessible from the “Join us” menu or from various buttons on the site.

To join, you will need to:

  • fill in a form asking for your name, first name and email address as well as a number of other optional information,
  • choose a payment method among those proposed: online by credit card or by wire transfer or by check,
  • if you have chosen online payment, pay directly from our site via our partner Stripe, a payment gateway operator,
  • if you have chosen to pay by bank transfer or check, send us your payment within the next few days.

Once your payment has been registered (immediately if you pay online), an account will be created for you on the site and you will be able to take advantage of the online services and information reserved for members.

We recommend that you pay online: it’s simple, fast and secure…. and it allows us to manage our members more easily and efficiently!

Membership renewal

One year after you have joined us, you will receive an email inviting you to renew your membership. To do so, simply go to your member account (“Members/My account” menu). You can then :

  • update the information that needs to be updated,
  • pay your annual fee, as you did when you first joined, immediately online or by deferred payment, by check or bank transfer.
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