In Lapérouse’s footsteps…

The adventure goes on…

Our goal

To know and make known Lapérouse

The seaman
The explorer
The humanist

To uphold his values now

Our action

The Association Laperouse carries out various projects all over the year to strengthen and share its knowledge

In conferences

Either on-site or via remote connection, the Association Laperouse regularly organizes conferences on themes related to Lapérouse, his peers, his actions and their consequences. The speakers are members of the Association or external speakers.

On the field

The Association organizes and leads visits to various places related to Laperouse, especially the Laperouse Museum in Albi. It also comes to schools or colleges and makes pupils and students better know Lapérouse and the values that inspired him.


The Association Laperouse organizes and/or participates in various events around the world related to Laperouse and develops, through the “Laperouse International Network”, relationships with men and women from all walks of life who are as passionate as all its members.

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Do you embark ?

If you are…


Passionate about history, science, geography, fan of Lapérouse or the Age of Enlightenment …


Eager for new discoveries, new encounters, close to home or thousands of miles away…

Open minded

Ready to share your knowledge, open to the new, open to the other, known or unknown…

Step on board!

They’re already with us …

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