New website, new services

At the end of March 2022, the new ALAF website went live. This new site aims :

  • to make ALAF and its action better known by a large public, in France and abroad,
  • to provide the members of the association, in an exclusive way, with services and regular information, in particular on current or future projects.

The main features of this new website are as follows :


The site is available in two languages (French and English). At any time you can move from the current language to the other one just by clicking on the flag that is displayed in the menu at the top of each page.

The web site allows you to publish articles in various sections, some of which are private, i.e. they can be accessed only by duly identified members of the association.

Any visitor who is not a member and who tries to access such private content will be blocked and invited to join the association.

Public or private content

Online subscription and payment

On this site people can join the association very simply. Everything is done online. The same for renewal of memberships.

Payment of contributions or donations can also be done online using debit or credit cards, securely. The major card brands are supported. Among them CB, Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

The site offers an online member directory as a member-only service.

In this directory you can search for members using criteria like the country or the “département” (in France) they live in or also the areas of interest or expertise they specified.

Online member directory

An account for each member

Each member is provided with an account, an identifier and a password to log in on the web site. Once logged in, he or she can :

  • beyond the public content, access the member-only content and services without limitation,
  • access to the directory of members,
  • read and update his or her own membership data at any time,
  • renew his or her membership and pay the corresponding contribution online every year.

The website also provides the association with online tools and services to help it manage all its members, track their payments and this way stay focused on its priority tasks.

Simplified management

Enjoy the new ALAF website !

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