Login, password, etc…

You have just joined and paid your membership fee. You have received an email with the information describing the account created for you on the site, namely :

  • a login identifier: in the form of auxxxxxxm or simply your email address (which is easier to remember),
  • a password which you have to ask to be generated when you log in in the first time.

Now, you just have to login in.

But, how can I log in ?

To log in, simply click on the “green man” icon displayed, on a large screen, at the top right and, on a mobile or tablet, at the bottom of the menu that appears after clicking on “the three horizontal stripes”.

On the page that is then displayed, you only have to enter your login identifier (preferably your email address) and your password.

And, if I don’t have a password yet ?

The first time you try to connect, you must ask for your password to be generated. To do this, click on the “Lost password?” link and follow the instructions:

  • give your email address,
  • click on “Restore password”,
  • the system then checks that you are not a usurper: an email is sent to the address you gave; this email contains a special link, with a limited life span,
  • check your incoming mail and, when the expected mail arrives, simply click on the link it contains; you will thus prove that you are indeed the owner of the email address,
  • your password is then displayed. Write it down carefully or, better yet, save it in the password manager associated with your browser or system.

You can now log in normally and access your member account as well as the member-only services and content.

And, whenever I lose or forget my password ?

Don’t panic if you lose your password. Do as you did the first time you tried to log in: click on “Lost password?”, follow the procedure above and, this time, make a note of the new password you are given.

Why can’t I choose my password ?

It is to ensure the security of your account that we have deliberately chosen not to allow you to set your password.

When it generates a password for you, the system ensures that its value is very difficult to guess, which protects you from illicit access to your account, and therefore to your personal data and, more generally, to the association’s site.

Of course, the generated passwords are difficult to remember. But that’s the price you pay for your security! To remember them, we recommend using a password manager such as those associated with the various browsers on the market (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari). Of course, protect your password manager with a strong password, which will be the only password you need to remember.

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