About the Association Lapérouse

In 1983, Dr. Amalric, an internationally renowned ophthalmologist from Albi, created an autonomous association which registered its statutes the same year: Association Lapérouse Albi-France, now bearing its new motto: “Lapérouse… the adventure goes on”

The Association Lapérouse Albi-France, also simply called Association Lapérouse, or even ALAF, aims to encourage and coordinate activities and studies dedicated to the navigator. It is committed to commemorate the past but also to bring to life in the present the values of the sailor Jean-François de Galaup de Lapérouse, a native of Albi, but also the other navigators who have marked history.

The mission of our association is to bring to life the humanistic values embodied by Lapérouse. Promoting Lapérouse is at the same time sharing maritime, geographical and scientific knowledge, promoting philosophical and human values. The knowledge of the world and of those who live in it are the main threads of the association. Through its actions, it works to connect with populations all around the world through its projects, its voyages and the commemorations with which it is associated.

Why should you join ?

To join the ALAF means :

  • Defending and promoting the values of Lapérouse and the Age of Enlightenment,
  • Getting involved in the community life,
  • Participating in the various activities of the association,
  • Being invited to exhibitions and conferences,
  • Benefiting from a free access to the Lapérouse museum in Albi,
  • An account on our web site with access to member-only content,
  • Receiving upon request a periodic letter “Lapérouse : the adventure goes on…” which informs about the news of the ALAF, the activities, the researches and the realizations around Lapérouse and to which everyone can bring his contribution.

Welcome on board!

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