To our Honorary President, Marie-Christine Pestel

At the request of Doctor Amalric, founder of the association, Marie-Christine Pestel, mother of our dear president Jean-Marie, had joined the association as a descendant of Jean-François Lapérouse.
The president, her son, wanted to say a few words to her.

🕊️Friday 28 April the sky is iridescent with pink
The light is soft and benevolent
My footsteps guide me to Mother’s bedside
The day before she kissed her little children
In her ear they whispered
“Good Mama, you can fly away,
You have given so much and so well.”
“Everything is fine, you can go and rest”.
I take her hands in mine to squeeze them
Slowly I stroke her curly hair
I look again at her soothed features
A last, benevolent breath.
And everything freezes without movement
Mum has just quietly flown away
She heard her little children
The good Lord was indulgent
Heaven’s benevolence has just received Mother’s.🕊️

The funeral of Mrs Pestel will take place on Thursday 04 May at 10:00 in the Cathedral Ste Cécile of Albi.

All the members of the association offer their sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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