Membership Renewal 2023

As we have done every year for the past 40 years, we ask you to support ALAF.

To make known Lapérouse and its values is very important in our current world.

Dues renewal will take place in early January 2023.

At the local level, the year 2022 was exceptional at the “Pedagogical” level. Many classes of students from the Tarn came to visit the museum with their teachers. We carried out several interventions directly in the schools.

As you know, the travel budget for schools is decreasing significantly. In 2023, we plan to make even more interventions in schools.

At the international level, the influence of Lapérouse continues to be favorably perceived. ALAF is the reference for many associations. We participate directly in some operations of conversation of monuments in memory of the expedition of Lapérouse and his crew.

Supporting the Association Lapérouse France Albi, is to participate in better

  • To defend and promote the values of Lapérouse and the Age of Enlightenment,
  • To get involved in the life of the association,
  • Participate in the activities of the association,
  • Be invited to exhibitions and conferences,
  • Benefit from a free access to the Lapérouse Museum in Albi,
  • Have access to content on our website reserved for members,
  • Receive a periodical newsletter “Lapérouse : l’aventure continue …” which informs about the association’s news, activities, research and achievements around Lapérouse and to which everyone can contribute.

We need your help!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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