“Escale Lapérouse, worlds to explore”

For nearly three years, the Albigensian town council has been working on a large-scale project to pay tribute to the navigator Lapérouse. After several deliberations, the name of the space is now known: “Escale Lapérouse, worlds to explore”

We invite you to visit the following websites to find out more about this initiative.

The project : https://www.mairie-albi.fr/fr/le-projet-escale-laperouse-des-mondes-explorer-0
Stape : https://www.mairie-albi.fr/fr/projet-laperouse-point-detape?fbclid=IwAR1n3tsHlVMhiWmY7YCCl9ogYn4dRBQW6RmMIHR5clEqX2aPFhAv1qkM9Js

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