In the wake of Lapérouse

For his sailing trip in the wake of Lapérouse, Hubert Furco leaves Marseillan next week.

Hubert wrote to us:

The idea since I am considering this cruise is to some extent to follow part of the route taken by Lapérouse. I also understood that the association wanted to leave a trace on the places of his passage, in the form of a medal or a stele. So I propose to follow from the south of Portugal the “Atlantic” stages of the trip, Funchal, Tenerife, Trinidade and Sao Sebastiao (Saint Catherine), and then ….. I will see! I’m not from the Tarn, but I’m a resident and a sailor. If however one of these places is virgin of any official representation of its passage, I could try to put something there.

What better symbol to celebrate the passage of Lapérouse during the scientific expedition entrusted to him by King Louis XVI (…)

In Florianopolis (St. Catherine) the Laperouse Association had established relations with a very active couple. A bas-relief of Lapérouse was brought to St. Catherine by members of our association. Since 2015 last visit to Albi the relations remained distant for rather complicated and tragic family reasons of our correspondents and friends. The health situation did not make things easier.

Ps: Here is an excerpt from a CR of our association during a trip made in 2012:
Mr. Bérard then went to Florianópolis bringing the bas-relief and several paintings and medals that were solemnly handed over on March 20, 2012 at the Municipal Cultural Foundation Franklin Cascães (ex Portuguese fort Santa Barbara) to the Mayor Mr. Dario Elias Berger of Florianópolis, a city of 450,000 h. (known as Floripa, ex-Desterro). It was then envisaged that these objects could join in a permanent way the fort São José de Ponta Grossa, fortress recently renovated, classified as national historical and artistic patrimony by the IPHAN, the Brazilian federal institute of the patrimony, as historical value of the objects.and administered by the Federal University of Santa Catarina (because there are other regional universities, less important).”

The ALAF entrusted him to offer to his guests, during his stopovers in the same places as Lapérouse.

  • 6 bronze medallions with the coats of arms of the De Resseguier / Lapérouse families
  • 6 booklets Lapérouse and the Age of Enlightenment (3 in French and 3 in English)
  • 3 caps Lapérouse Moussaillon of the ALAF

HUBERT will send us all along his journey his logbook with some pictures.

To be continued …

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