Worth reading : the comic book “Vanikoro”

We were recently informed of the existence of a comic book entitled “Vanikoro”.

Its author, Patrick Prugne, tells us the story, freely interpreted, of what happened after the vessels La Boussole and l’Astrolabe sank near Vanikoro. This comic book is published by Daniel Maghen (ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 2356740570).

As indicated in the foreword, the characters mentioned in “Vanikoro” all really existed in their ranks and functions but their roles and destinies in the story are only the fruit of the author’s imagination.

An imagination that describes the anguish and hopes that can be those of any castaway on a not so deserted island. An imagination that tells us the strength and weakness that can inhabit any human being in a survival situation in such extreme circumstances.

A graphic design linked to a choice of well-balanced colors allows to spend a very pleasant moment and to make us almost believe in this story although the author denies it!

What if the spirit of the expedition had itself guided the author’s hand?

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