Visit of the museum by kindergarten classes

On this first day of April, the kindergarten classes of the Florentin School were guided by the Lapérouse Association to discover the Lapérouse Museum.
The children as well as their teachers warmly thanked us for this “exciting” moment.
Touched, the ALAF responded:
In these times of conflicts and egoisms, which lead to barbarities that we would not like to see anymore, it seems important to us to remind the children, who will be in our place tomorrow, that the expression of a peaceful and respectful behavior of diversities is the only one that can give the world and the men a happy and peaceful future.

Jean-François de Lapérouse, had this singularity nearly 250 years ago.
Such an example must be valued by the elders to the last born.

Jean-François de Lapérouse, avait cette singularité il y a prêt de 250 ans.
Un tel exemple se doit d’être valorisé par les aînés auprès des derniers nés.

The kindergartens of Florentin in the Tarn, Albi France (the faces have been voluntarily grayed out).

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