The frigate Hermione

242 years ago, the frigate L’Hermione was launched and, in the following year (April 28, 1780), La Touche-Tréville, commanding L’Hermione, was able to lead the Marquis de Lafayette to Boston with the remarkable support of Lapérouse, commanding the Astrée. ….

Three Bridges – Naval History :
April 28, 1779: launch at Rochefort of the frigate l’Hermione, famous for having taken the Marquis de La Fayette to Boston on April 28, 1780, just one year after its launch. A replica of this ship was built in Rochefort in 2014.
The Hermione (1779) was built according to the plans of the engineer Henri Chevillard. It was a frigate of 12, because its main battery was armed with 26 guns of 12, to which were added 6 guns of 6 on the upper deck. In all, 32 guns. The length of her hull was 44.2 meters (like her 2014 replica). Her crew numbered about 300 men.
During the American Revolutionary War, she distinguished herself particularly during the battle of Louisbourg on July 21, 1781, during which the Hermione (commanded by Latouche-Tréville) and another frigate named Astrée (commanded by Lapérouse) attacked alone an important English convoy. They captured three warships and two merchantmen after a violent fight.

Rearmed at the beginning of the wars of the Revolution, the Hermione ran aground on the rocks off Le Croisic and sank on September 20, 1793.

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